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3 Green Impact awards for Undeb

Undeb has picked up not one, or two, but three Awards for their sustainability work.

Undeb was awarded a highly coveted Gold Award in the NUS Green Impact Awards, having achieved the Gold Award twice in 2011 and 2013 and the Excellence Award twice in 2012-13 for their 'Bangor Bikes' scheme pilot and 2014-15 for Love Bangor Community Partnership.  They were also named Union of the Year (non-commercial) Green Impact Awards in Liverpool.

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme run by NUS, offering an independent benchmarking of a union's environmental performance. The award challenges Students’ Unions to follow environmental best practice and keep sustainability in mind whilst achieving results for students. The Green Impact Award also seeks to capture the positive sustainability innovations in students’ unions and promote them to the public.

The Students’ Union also grabbed a third National Award: The Green Impact Special Award. This award is an Environmental Innovation Award that gives union’s the opportunity to go beyond the actions described in the Green Impact criteria and use their creativity to make a real impact in their union, organisation or community. Undeb Bangor’s entry was a joint student initiative to promote Sustainable Development through shared learning across continents; a partnership between Undeb Bangor and Makerere University Student Guild –Uganda.

Mair Rowlands, Bangor University Sustainability Officer from the Sustainability Lab who co-ordinated the Green Impact work with Undeb said “We’ve achieved an amazing amount through Green Impact over the last 6 years, and Undeb have proved to be championing sustainability showing the way to Unions’ across the UK.

We’ve also gained national recognition for our international collaboration with Makerere University Student Guild winning the Green Impact Special Award. A collaboration project with the Sustainability Lab and Undeb Bangor working closely to develop a sustainability strategy aimed at improving students’ understanding and engagement with sustainability practices in Bangor and Makerere (Uganda).”

Dylan Williams Union Director said: “This is yet another amazing achievement for Undeb Bangor; we’ve proved that we are doing some excellent work around sustainability and as well as sustainability being one of our core values, it is entirely embedded within the culture of the Union staff, officers and students. We’re very proud of our progress and we’ve developed a national reputation for sustainability for which these awards speak for themselves”.


For more information about sustainability at the Union go to:

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Publication date: 15 July 2016

First day for the new Sabbs!

First day for the new Sabbs!

It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions today at the Undeb. Time to say goodbye to our much loved Sabbatical team but also time to welcome in our fresh team!

We have 5 Sabbs at the UNDEB each looking after a different part of the Union. We thought we’d tell you some things about the Sabbs so that you know a little bit more about them.

Name: Matt Day

Position: VP Societies and Community

Degree: Electronic Engineering MEng and PGCE in secondary physics

From: Southampton

Favourite piece of clothing: Socs

Favourite fruit: Passion Fruit

Favourite film: Interstella

Favourite musician: Taylor Swift

You can get in touch with Matt by e-mailing


Name: Becca Kent

Position: VP Sports and Healthy Living

Degree: Marine Environmental Studies

From: The High Peak

Sports Hero: Eddie the Eagle

Favourite stationary: water proof pencil

Favourite film: Moulin Rouge

Favourite hot beverage: Peppermint tea

You can get in touch with Becca by e-mailing



Name: Conor Savage

Position: President

Degree: Marine Biology BSc

From: Cheshire

Favourite aftershave: Savage

Sports Hero: Wrestler, Machoman Randy Savage

Favourite band: Eminem

Favourite historical figure: Darwin

You can get in touch with Conor by e-mailing


Name: Helen Marchant

Position: VP Education and Welfare

Degree: Religion and Philosophy BA

From: Warrington

Favourite piece of clothing: Toms Shoes

Favourite hobby: Bubble Making

Favourite holiday destination: music festivals

You can get in touch with Helen by e-mailing


Name: Ifan James

Position: UMCB President

Degree:Product Design

From: Valleys

Favourite animal: Cats

Favourite TV program: Ry’n sbit

Favourite film: Any scary movie

Sport hero: George North

You can get in touch with Ifan by e-mailing



If you need to discuss anything with the Sabbs or want any advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or book an appointment. You can call the student centre on 01248 388000 or e-mail

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Publication date: 1 July 2016

Students donate over a tonne of food for local food Bank

Student Volunteering Bangor (SVB) have been dedicating their time and effort to collecting food from Student Halls from across Bangor and donating the food to the local Cathedral Food Bank.

Throughout May students from all across the University have been working hard to make sure their food doesn’t go to waste and Student Services have been busy providing the energy and resources to make sure the food goes to those who need it.


Helen Roberts, Food Bank Co-ordinator said she was: “very grateful thanks to everyone involved, who have gone the second, third, fourth mile to make this happen.”

She then added: “It has been an enormous task, and a hugely successful project, and has enable us at the food bank to in turn be generous to those who use our service.”

The local Food Bank provides local families with 3 day food packs in their time of hardship. The Food Bank relies wholly on donations and have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the students during the last month.

SVB’s Gaz Williams commented:

The SVB Big Give project has been a massive success which through the hard work by Bangor University’s volunteers and the generosity of Bangor University’s students has managed to collect just over a tonne of food which has been donated to a very worthwhile local charity. It has been amazing to see how much food can actually be diverted away from the waste stream and reinvested back into the community”.

An incredible 1,040 Kg of non-perishable food was collected from the student Halls and local service users have already benefited from the kindness of Bangor students by receiving an even more generous pack than usual.

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Publication date: 28 June 2016

Summer Sessions!


Are you in Bangor over summer?

The Students Union has plenty of activities to keep you entertained with our Summer Sessions program.

Whether you are student, just joined on our Erasmus program, left the University or are a member of the Bangor community Summer Sessions are open to everyone to get involved.

Summer Sessions are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make new friends as well as staying fit and healthy.

The Summer Sessions will run between the start of July and finish just before the start of term in the middle of September and will happen 4 days a week with each day being a different activity to make sure that your summer is not a dull one.

Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm we will have sports happening in Canolfan Brailsford. Whether you want to hone your basketball and football skills or just want a friendly game of Badminton both halls will be available.

One Hall will be dedicated to the development of a sport such as basketball, dodgeball or Ultimate frisbee while the other hall will have a relaxed atmosphere for you to pick up and play a sport at whichever pace you feel like.

Wednesdays are dedicated to outdoor, high octane activities such as scuba diving, kayaking and climbing amongst other activities you may not always get the chance to experience.

On Friday we relax with our host of social nights, this can range from events such as a treasure hunt to celebrating key events in the world and have Olympic and World Cup themed socials.

Saturdays are spent on cultural activities and exploring North Wales and beyond, we’ll visit Snowdonia and the surrounding area, travel to beaches and gardens and take part in activities such as Cable Carts and Bounce Below.

Anyone is welcome to join these Summer Sessions and most are free of charge however some of the bigger activities will incur a minor cost.

Summer Sessions are the best way to keep fit, make friends and have a good time in Bangor.

Please like our Facebook page

Any questions please contact the Facebook page or email:

Jay Holmes -



Aimee Boyd -

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Publication date: 16 June 2016

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